Anonymous: It's funny cause as someone who only ships Sterek, Scallison, and Berica; I was never a big fan of Stydia. I wouldn't say that I was anti-Stydia cause there was no reasoning behind it - I just didn't see them as a couple. I don't ship it and never will but I've developed protective feelings for it. Every time I see a stalia moment (I'm not watching after this season) I put myself in the place of stydia shipper and feel like im being robbed. Stydia was built up for nearly 2 and a half years.


Sterek and Stydia has buried the hatchet and combined their army, because as much war and bad blood there could be between the two ships, they both can see how stalia doesn’t fit in. You don’t have to ship stydia, its totally fine, sterek is awesome, but its like siblings fighting. You can yell and call each other things, but as soon as a stranger comes and does that, they combine forces. ‘I’m the only one allowed to hurt and bug my sister, not you! Back the fuck off, she is my sister and I love her’ kind of that way.
Its like the Black pearl being joined by the flying Dutchmen to blow Beckett out of the water.  

As a stydia shipper I thank you for understanding us. As a sterek shipper I join you in a hug and say that Jeff should have given us the chance over stalia.


a zoo of dogs dressed up as other animals

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